About Us

Our Mission (“How To”)

The Learning Community at MAST High School will accomplish our vision by ensuring that our scholars:

  • Engage in rigorous mathematics, science, engineering or technology curriculum that provides practical and problem solving work with access to adequately resourced laboratories and well-trained teachers.
  • Participate in academic, artistic or athletic integrated activities in and outside of the classroom that develop well rounded students able to adapt to diverse environments
  • Advocate for equity for all
  • Become self-aware, responsible, committed and empowered to make an impact in their school and local community through project based learning

Our Vision Statement

MAST High School recognizes the unique value of each student. We believe ALL students can achieve success when held to high expectations and given appropriate supports and interventions that are designed to meet their individual needs. We will provide challenging learning opportunities in a safe and rigorous environment where students will teach and learn. Our mission is to support students’ intellectual, emotional, ethical, social and physical growth for cultural and ethnic diversity and to encourage students to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to become college and career-ready scholars who will responsibly and productively influence our world.

Instructional Focus

Students will engage in high level discourse and justify their claims orally and in writing with supporting evidence using academic vocabulary. Students will think critically and have access to rigorous curriculum in all content areas.


Allika Thompson-Young, Principal

Allika Thompson-Young

Johnny Recio, Assistant Principal


Ms. Hacha-Sattar, Assistant Principal



Ms. Abellard, 11th & 12th Grade


Ms. Hernandez, 9th & 10th Grade


Support Staff

Ms. Slinger, COSA


Ms. Gonzalez, PC

Ms. Allocca, Secretary

Ms. Andrews, Secretary


Ms. Ghoora, Paraprofessional

Mr. Padmore


Ms. Fuller, School Aide

Ms. Bryant, School Aide

Ms. Petgrave, School Aide

Mr. Young, School Aide