Author: Sujeiry Gonzalez

Course Website by Teacher

To access remote learning, click on your teachers name. Please cross reference with the 2020 Spring Semester Course Schedule and Google Classroom Codes here. Ms. AbellardAll courses Ms. AquinoAll courses Ms. BrooksAll courses Mr. CuerquezAll courses Mr. FogartyAll courses Mr. GandjianAll courses Ms. Gonzalez-ShieldsAll courses Mr. HyltonAll courses Ms. KaneAll courses Mr. KnoxAll courses Mr. […]

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Student Tips for Digital Learning

1. You have to have a sense of self. Successful learners online have an awareness of metacognition — self-motivation, self-starting, and ownership of one’s actions. In other words, they reflect on how they learn as well as what they learn. 2. You need to be able to manage your time wisely. You must be able […]

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MAST Performing Arts Survey

We’d like to formally announce our brand new addition to our MAST Performing Arts Program! The additional program starts this Monday, February 10th and will run every Monday and Tuesday from 3:30 – 5:30pm. We will offer a variety of professionally taught activities including ~ Dance, Step, Theater/Acting, Vocal Training, and Piano. Please complete the […]

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