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Advisory Circle Discussion Choices

Based on your feedback, MAST wants to ensure that advisory circles have topics that are meaningful, relevant and generated by you – THE SCHOLARS AT MAST. Come and be a part of our Circle! Learn more about yourself and those around you, as we talk about topics, such as relationships, love, money, happiness, life’s challenges, […]

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AP Bio Presents “Medical Mysteries”

The AP Bio class with Ms. Slinger was tasked to create a presentation on what they have learned in class. The presentation could not be on Powerpoint! These students did an amazing job teaching us about what they have learned via video production, film making, and storytelling. Make sure to follow MAST on YouTube! Photo […]

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Grading Philosophy and Policy & Attendance

“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” -Albert Einstein Grades are evaluative instruments and indicators that measure students’ achievements, efforts, and extent of progress in their classes. The components of a grade are academically based and reflect each student’s competency in the course content. Mathematics, Science Research […]

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