Calendar Checklist for Seniors


􀀀 Review your 6th semester transcripts for necessary college/graduation requirements.
􀀀 Keep gathering information on colleges and finalize your college application list.
􀀀 Retake SAT Reasoning, SAT Subject exams, ACT
􀀀 Visit websites of private colleges to identify which financial aid forms are needed
􀀀 Begin draft of any required essays/personal statements, if not started during summer.
􀀀 Create a Common Online Application account if applying to private universities. (Remember all universities have their own application deadline.


􀀀 Apply for Financial Aid Pin. Visit ( You and your parents need separate ID numbers. This will serve as your signature on the FAFSA (financial aid application).
􀀀 October: Counselor Recommendation Letter requests due in main office for applications due in November.
􀀀 Finish your essays/personal statement. Remember to proofread.
􀀀 Apply to colleges, online preferred.
􀀀 Continue contact with counselor and parents to update strategy/ plans.
􀀀 October 8: Begin the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).


􀀀 November: Most “Early Action or Early Decision” applications are due.
􀀀 Take SAT November 2019.
􀀀 Take ACT December 2019.
􀀀 Send official SAT/ACT reports to each college by their requested deadlines via College Board.
􀀀 Send official community college transcripts (if applicable) to your colleges if required.
􀀀 November 2: Counselor Recommendation Letter requests due in main office for applications due in December 1 – 10.
􀀀 November 9: Counselor Recommendation Letter requests due for applications due December 14-18.
􀀀 November 15: Counselor Recommendation Letter requests due for applications due in January.
􀀀 ALL college applications are strongly recommended to be submitted by Thanksgiving and no later than December 22nd.


􀀀 Study for your FINALS! Senior year grades are still important to your college acceptances.


􀀀 Parents should attend the Financial Aid Night to learn about the types of financial aid and how to file the financial aid forms.
􀀀 Continue working on college applications and submit before the deadline.
􀀀 January 7: Counselor Recommendation Letter requests due in main office for applications due February – April.


􀀀 February 1: Application deadline for many colleges.
􀀀 February: Most colleges are now having you create an online portal account to view application status. Check regularly for messages regarding incomplete applications, housing information, and financial aid deadlines.
􀀀 Continue researching and applying for scholarships.


􀀀 Review your acceptances and financial aid offers. Check housing opportunities at your colleges. Wait to hear from all the colleges before you make your final decision.
􀀀 Visit the college of your choice before your final decision.
􀀀 Send in housing deposit if applicable.
􀀀 APRIL: Community College priority application filing begins this month. Listen to announcements for new student and parent evenings held at the local community colleges. Although there is no official deadline to apply, the sooner you apply and complete the steps, the sooner you register.


􀀀 MAY 2: College decision deadline. Notify the colleges of your decision/intent to enroll and submit a deposit to the ONE college you will be attending.
􀀀 Review your FAFSA Student Aid Report and make changes if necessary.


􀀀 Complete a transcript request form to send a FINAL transcript to your college.

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