black leaders

In this course, students will look at important and influential Black Leaders in the United States of America, as well as, globally (primarily the United Kingdom, the Caribbean & Various African countries). Along with exploring each Black Leaders significance starting with the likes of King Tut, & Mansa Musa of Mali to contemporaries such as, Barack Obama, students will aim to contextualize their rise to prominence. What enabled them to break through barriers and achieve unrivaled success. In order to do this, students will analyze and discuss the context that enabled these Black Leaders heroic rise. Through the use of letters, newspapers ads, speeches, and new broadcasting (in more recent times), students will have access to the living memories of these individuals. These primary sources will give students unrestricted access into the past, it will be their job to interpret and examine the long-lasting legacy of each Black Leader.

Photo by CAPITOL STANDARD on Unsplash.