Congrats Students on Your College Now Acceptance!

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We are so excited to announce the students accepted into the York College College Now program for the Fall 2018 semester! Please help me congratulate…

Darrell Alston
Halley MCcah
Shannia Nandkishur
Liah Nelson
Shaikh Haque
Zoie Moses
Kenneth Anthonio
Hans Chaudry
Arnav Singh
Naissa Aime
Aruna Arjune
Kenley Audain
Lamar Blackburns
Jorman Canas
Jyhason Charles
Teressa Chery
Genesis Cort
Fanny Dovonou
Rodney Dupont
Omar Elzabair
Britney Grant
Hollissa Hendrickson
Habina Korobi
Jamel Williams
Kemberly Exil
Tania Metellus
Delcino Findlay
Jalissa Grant
Maimona Islam
Djon Mair
Briana Reece
Fiana Gasapo
Christian Gil
Tariq Anderson

We are so proud of you and can’t wait to see you all succeed at College Now!

School Building Closed - Fully Remote