How To Improve Your Mental Health During Isolation

By. Estepheny Rivas 

We sometimes get caught up in our everyday lives and prioritize different things but tend to forget that what we should prioritize is ourselves. Your mental health is very important, and it should be taken seriously, so take more control and take much more care of yourself.  Even though it’ll take a lot of effort and time, with a good attitude it will improve your relationship with yourself and how you handle yourself long-term.  

As for right now, we are all living through a tough period in isolation. Many of us have run out of things to do and feel like we are going insane or dealing with our issues.  Also, some of us have lost loved ones during this difficult time.  However, YOU ARE NOT going crazy and there is always a solution or alternative to things so here some 3 tips to improve your mental health and add self-care during the quarantine. 


Journaling has its many beneficial effects when it comes to improving your mental health and self-care. One effect is jotting down how you are feeling or what you did during the today or even what happened to you that wasn’t too pleasant can help. Wake up in the morning and open your journal and just ask yourself these five simple questions:

  • How did I sleep?
  • How am I feeling today?
  • What goals do I want to accomplish by the end of the day?
  • What makes me happy?
  • What am I grateful for? 

Tuning in with yourself every morning and just asking yourself questions, can improve your mental health and just how you see yourself overall. Sure you may start seeing the negative first, but later on, when you start to see all the positive things going on in your life, you’ll start to notice that you feel a little bit better about yourself.  Journaling can also help you keep busy and keep your mind in one place, especially during the quarantine. When you journal, you list the goals you need/want to do for the day, you keep your mind on what needs to be done, making sure you keep yourself in check and just staying active! Additionally, when you ask yourself what makes you happy, you can continue to do those tasks, and eventually, you’ll see a change of mood and overall see that you’ve become happier, making sure that quarantine sadness doesn’t hit you. The rest of the questions offer the same benefit, keeping you distracted from the negative, they add a sense of positivity in your life adding on to the major questions and overall improve life during isolation.


Listening to podcasts is very helpful.  There is a huge selection of different podcasts to choose from many different categories/topics. One podcast I’ve looked into is called “Mental Illness Happy Hour” by Paul Gilmartin.  It is available on Apple podcast, SoundCloud. It’s a podcast that speaks of mental and emotional trauma, which can help some individuals. Everyone has a story and has experienced different situations in life. Listening to educational or motivational (which believe it or not is my personal favorite) you expand your knowledge and who doesn’t love that. Studies have shown that podcasts even help your mental imagery. 

“Many studies have been done on the benefits of podcasts, and what they do for people mentally. One study proves that podcasts stimulate mental imagery more intensely than watching or reading and cause listeners to have to pay more attention. Since people listen to podcasts instead of watching them, it forces listeners to use their imagination and build the pictures in their mind”. 

Motivational podcasts are great, they give you that sense of determination of just wanting to reach your goals no matter what it takes. No matter what category or topic you choose from, you will learn something new each day and change or discover new habits to help you become the best person you can be. 


Staying active during quarantine is helpful and useful. They keep your mind sane and active, your body in shape, and overall improve morale. Activities such as yoga and exercising release endorphins which give you the feeling of happiness. This can keep you in tip-top shape, your mind healthy and happy, and like I said, improve moral support and keep you in your best state. If you don’t feel like exercising and sweating, you can always try out other activities like exercising, you can start mental activities such as solving puzzles, reading books, and playing video games. They increase brain activity and help keep your wits about you. Engaging in any activities that you enjoy and bring out your inner happiness can impact you so significantly.  

 Isolation can be stressful.  It can take a toll on your body, mind, and overall wellness which is why it is important to stay busy and take care of yourself. You should, of course, try to stay active and exercise, but if you can’t, keep your mind stimulated. You can also try keeping a journal and write about your day, answer questions about yourself.  Maybe you can try listening to a podcast, finding people that are like you and you can share the same experiences with. These activities can improve your mental health by keeping you busy, keeping you distracted from what’s going out here.  It helps improve your relationship with yourself because you’ll feel happier and more positive about yourself.  Also, you will notice you’ve become a better person overall, feeling happier and better than before.  Changing your outlook on life, being true to yourself, practicing good and healthy habits, and having discipline can transform you into someone you probably had no idea you could be.  Just remember no matter what life throws at you or what you go through, bad times pass. Work hard. Carry yourself gracefully.  Treat yourself gracefully. Have a positive attitude, share love and gratitude. 

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