Post Secondary Resources

Why every student applying to college should be required to fill out the  FAFSA (opinion)Creating FSA ID Video Tutorial
Guidance - Financial Aid - Butler High SchoolFinancial Aid Letter to Parents
(English + Spanish)
Top 5 FAFSA FAQs | U.S. Department of EducationFinancial Aid FAQ
(including tips if household income changed in 2020)
Innerview Category Employee Essentials : Tuality HealthcareTAP Application Walkthrough
Take action to pass a clean #DreamActNowJose Peralta NYS Dream Act FAQ (also available in Spanish)
NYS Dream Act Video Tutorial Part 1: Eligibility
NYS Dream Act Video Tutorial Part 2: TAP
File:CUNY New Logo.svg - Wikimedia CommonsCUNY Application Walkthrough
Downloads - SUNYSUNY Application Walkthrough