Special Education – Mr. Brereton

Greetings Students, Staff, Parents & Guardians at MAST,

You can call me Mr. Brereton or Mr. B for short. I am a special education teacher with years of experience in English, History and Science learning. I have been humbled and uplifted by the academic and cultural diversity of all those learning experiences. I plan to bring those insights to this new role with you. I hope to contribute to what already works well, but also foster an environment of innovation and nuance. 

In the weeks ahead I know we will get to know each other better but a brief background on me, I am born and raised in Brooklyn but have taught mostly in Queens. I love science fiction (especially Afro Sci-Fi), and philosophy is, in fact, my favorite subject.  

I look forward to beginning what is sure to be an exceptional year at MAST Academy. Joining an eager and talented learning community is the desire of all teachers, and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to learn with all of you. 



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