2018-2019 PTA Board


MAST High School would like to extend a warm welcome to the new Parent Teacher Association board members! We can’t wait to support the PTA this upcoming year to help increase parent engagement at our school.

Here are the 2018-2019 PTA members and their respective roles and responsibilities per PTA bylaws.

PTA President, Ms. Deidre Titus
The president is the chief executive officer of your PA/PTA. DOE’s PA/PTA Bylaws Template states that the president presides at all PA/PTA meetings and meets with executive board members to plan agendas for general membership meetings. The president also appoints the chairpersons of all committees (with the approval of the executive board), delegates responsibilities to PA/PTA members, is one of the signatories on checks, and is responsible for encouraging parental involvement. The president is also a mandatory member of the SLT, and is responsible for disseminating information discussed at SLT meetings to the members of the PA/PTA. The president is one of the selectors of the parent members of its corresponding CEC or Citywide Education Council.

Recording Secretary, Ms. Patricia Denzine
The recording secretary is responsible for all non-financial PA/PTA records and communications with the PA/PTA membership. He/she records minutes at all PA/PTA meetings, prepares minutes of each PA/PTA meeting, and reads and distributes copies of the minutes at the next PA/PTA meeting. They also prepare notices, agendas, sign-in sheets and materials for distribution and transfer the PA/PTA’s bylaws, meeting notices, agendas and meeting minutes to the incoming recording secretary before the end of his/her term. As with the other mandatory officers, the secretary is also one of the mandatory selectors of the parent members of its corresponding CEC or Citywide Education Council.

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