Should 10th Graders Be Allowed to Take AP Classes?

by Alexandra Aghedo

Sophomore year is an important time to focus on admissions, as students explore their interests and lay foundations for the future. In the tenth grade, students should be given the opportunity to take challenging classes. Some students have a goal of taking as many Advanced Placement classes before applying to college. Admissions officers want to see that students make use of all a school’s academic resources.

Tenth graders should be allowed to take AP classes because most students want to go to competitive schools that require candidates to take many advanced classes. AP classes also prepare students for college classes, which can cause them to save money in college. Taking AP classes for the first time in 11th grade is not the best option for students. Colleges seek candidates who take challenging classes all throughout high school. For these reasons, AP classes should be offered to tenth graders at MAST High School.