Student vs. Teacher

student vs teacher

By: Parmesh Dushrajh

On March 15, 2019 the students and teachers of M.A.S.T. High School battled it out in the gymnasium. They played several intense games of basketball and volleyball. Even though the teachers tried their best, the students were VICTORIOUS!! Just like the other games in the past!! The members of ARISTA (National Honor Society) were in charge of the games. In fact, the game was held to generate funds for patients with traumatic brain injuries (TBI). We even got a special appearance from our fabulous principal, Ms. Thompson Young.

I went around for student feedback about these practice tests and here’s what they had to say about it:

Brendon Smith: “It felt kinda tiring and some of the subjects were kinda easy and kinda hard.”

Rafid Sarker: “I kept falling asleep and it was easy.”

Tyquell James: “I felt out of zone and out of place.”

Roma Jaundoo: “It was boring and a little difficult.”

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