2k19 Gameplay Review

by Daneil Reid

The game 2k19 is about your career as a basketball player and the road to get to the NBA. You can create a player and start on your path toward being a professional. There are also other things you can do, like play park and go against other people online. There are other fun game modes like cages, pro-am, and the Jordan center. You can customize your player by buying clothing and other items to make them look unique.

2k19 has been the best release of the most recent 2ks throughout the years. Some felt that 2k was rushing their products and needed to put more effort into their games. This time, people feel like 2k19 has its flaws, but is better than any of the recent editions. One issue 2k has always had are the prices on virtual currency. They claimed last year they were going to try their best to lower prices on virtual currency. Other problems 2k has had recently include virtual currency glitches, animation glitches, and in-game glitches among others, but this one looks decent for right now.

In my opinion, I have no problems with the game. I think it’s fun, competitive, and just a good game to play. Try it for yourself- I think you’ll like it!

Photo Source: NBA Wishlist.