Avengers: Infinity War (Spoiler Alert!)

by Ronnie Dyal

The movie “Avengers: Infinity War” (released April 27th, 2018 with a PG-13 rating and 2 hour and 40 minutes runtime) blasted millions of fans all over the world with great controversy. Gaining over 84% Fresh Rotten Tomatoes and 94% audience likings, it shows the potential of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Hollywood industry in total. In my opinion, I loved it and noticed several relatable situations from this fictional movie that can translate to real life.

In this movie, we get to experience the villain “Thanos” forming alliances with his children, who are also very powerful, with the goal of acquiring six Cosmic and Elemental stones that possess great power beyond a superhero’s strength. In the beginning, we learn that the fictional planet “Xander” was demolished by Thanos to acquire one of these stones, leading to the Asgardians demise. After Thanos kills Loki (Thor’s brother) in cold blood, Thor seeks revenge but also realizes the consequences of challenging Thanos’ great power.

Later on in the movie we get our very first glimpse of the Guardians of the Galaxy, who hold not a stone but the KEY to a stone. We meet an individual named “Gamora,” who has the map to a stone. Thanos attempts to retrieve her only to realize he is not ready to pay the associated cost. Gamora is the adopted daughter of Thanos, and she was trained to fight as a warrior and to serve Thanos and his wishes. Later she ends up dying for the stone. This is because to acquire it, one must lose something they love dearly, and Thanos does love her. Now we get our peek at Wanda and Vision, who have been in a relationship since “Captain America: Civil War” (2016). Vision holds a stone in his head from prior to Thanos’ mission.

I cannot say much about another stone that was taken by Thanos off-screen because we didn’t see it used much in “Infinity War.” Its power can be “anything you wish it to be.” Finally, we see the last stone, which is held by Doctor Strange. This does not come to Thanos without a fight. They battle on Titan, which is Thanos’ home planet. However, because of Gamora’s death, her boyfriend Star-lord becomes angry and punches the sedated Thanos, waking him before attempting to finish them all off. Thanos takes the Time Stone and leaves an injured Tony Stark with the Avengers. The scene ends with Vision losing the stone in his head, which was forcefully taken out by Thanos, eventually killing him.

These stones do have a name, Reality Stones, and can change reality according to the holders’ wishes. Next is the Mind Stone, which can control and read all minds in the universe. Then there is the Power Stone, which can cause devastation and havoc on anything it is wielded on. Next is the Soul Stone which traps souls, and after Thanos’ infamous snap at the completion of his journey turns everyone to ash. The next is the Space Stone, which can teleport the bearer to any place in an instant. Last but not least, the Time Stone can control time and allow its bearer to manipulate time in the ways they see fit. Thanos ends up succeeding and wiping out half the universe for the six INFINITY stones.

Photo Source: Marvel

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