DC Universe

by Kevin Phipps

This universe is the home of many excellent heroes, villains, talents and lots of other things. We have humans, aliens, gods, and all other unworldly creatures. For example, we have the Justice League, made up of many great heroes like Superman, the man of steel and last son from the house of El. We then have Bruce Wayne, the multi-millionaire. What you may not know is that when night falls, this man becomes the demon of Gotham- the Batman.

A few others, such as the Fastest Man Alive, a man who was struck by lightning and can now move at the speed of light with the ease of taking a walk. Then we have the king of Atlantis, Arthur Curry. He is the protector and the hero who has defended his kingdom from numerous dangers. Last but not least we have Diana, one of the many daughters of Maliscara, an isolated island away from people. She is known as the defender and daughter of the gods; her name is Wonder Woman. That, my friends, is the Justice League – Defenders of the Universe.

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