Friendships and Quarantine: Closer or Drifting Apart?

By: Keleen Jones

Quarantine has allowed us to be removed from some of the distractions of the world.  One of the benefits of quarantine is having alone time to self-reflect and reflect on the people you are surrounded by, such as friends.  There is a saying that “friends are better than pocket money” and I somewhat agree because there are so many different meanings to this quote.  My interpretation is that during this pandemic there are friends that are readily available to you.  Friends are there even when they are going through their private matters and it helps friendships get closer.  Quarantine has allowed friends to take time to know each other, learn a new thing or two, and develop ways to conquer obstacles in life.  True friends keep tabs on each other and by doing that, it shows the significance of your friendship and how much you care for each other. 

Another saying that stands out to me is, “One loyal friend is worth more than a thousand fake ones.”   This is so true because there are a lot of people in your circle that their words or actions shows they are a good person, but their mindset about you is a different story.  They only want you to fail at everything you do, they talk behind your back, and say the worst things about you.  In this situation of the pandemic, however, we are all quarantined which makes life much easier for recognizing the fake friends.  You’re not around each other so they don’t talk to you as often as they do in person, which is proof of a friendship that is drifting apart.  Be aware of your surroundings and how friends operate when you’re not around, especially on social media.  My message to friends like this is, save yourself the drama and be real to who you prefer in your circle.