Grishko vs. Freed: Which Pointe Shoe Fits Better?

By: Maya Fox

In the world of Ballet, pointe is a beautiful art form that allows young ladies like myself to balance upon the top of our toes in the infamous pointe shoe. During the period of learning constant technique pointe shoes die, meaning the shank of the shoes are no longer stable enough to hold the dancer. Therefore, more than one pair of shoes are worn. In one week, a ballet dancer/ prima ballerina goes through maybe 8 shoes, which range in price from forty to seventy-five dollars. Now, each dancer looks for a pointe shoe that can conform, shape, and draw a line straight from her legs to her toes (the perfect fit). I chose to compare 2 extremely broad and impressionable pointe shoe companies, Grishko and Freed of London. Freed of London makes biodegradable shoes, so that when the dancers’ feet are warm and when they sweat the shoes remain breathable, causing them to be easily “broken in”. My sources say that these shoes are by far one of the best pointe shoes because of the sleek fit, slimming effect, and that they hold longer and do not die out quickly. On the other hand, Grishko Pointe shoes (a Russian Shoe Maker) are also considered one of the best shoe companies and have been making shoes for over twenty years. They make a thicker shoe with a wider box (the base of the pointe shoe), giving newfound ballerinas a somewhat easier start. There was not a lot of information based off of this particular shoe. In my opinion, Freed makes the better shoe.

Photo by Krys Alex on Unsplash.