Half Baked Reviews #2

avengers infinity war

by Djon Mair

Hello all and welcome to another “Half Baked” review. This time I’ll be reviewing Marvel/Disney’s most lucrative movie franchise until “Black Panther” – “Avengers Infinity War”. I’ll first start off with a synopsis, delivering a basic rundown of the movie’s plot. After that, I will head into spoiler territory. I will put a spoiler warning once I get to it.


Thanos is here! After a warning by The Hulk (of all people), the Avengers gear up to protect the earth and its infinity stones from the Mad Titan. With help from the Guardians of the Galaxy and the former, now Secret Avengers, they must stop Thanos and his entourage from collecting all the infinity stones and causing a cataclysm.


If you liked “Thor: Ragnorok” and its end credits scene, then you will hate the beginning of this movie. Almost immediately after the end of Ragnorok, Thanos jumps on Thor’s ship and kills all the surviving Asgardians and Loki. Hulk tries to fight him, gets beaten badly, and Thor is left in space to die. There is a lot of death – only the original Avengers team plus War Machine are left at the end of the movie. The guardians are basically gone, and even Nick Fury dies. Many other important things happen in this movie- Thor gets a new hammer, Stormbreaker; They go over the origin of Thanos; We find out what happened to the Red Skull after the first Captain America movie; Finally, did I mention death?


Characters 10/10
You are not going to find much here in terms of character development because a lot of these characters had multiple movies worth of development. The one character who really stands out in this movie is actually the main villain, Thanos himself. It helps that they devote a lot of time to him, which effectively makes the movie more of his own, with the Avengers serving as a supporting cast. His motivations are explored very well, and this makes him a very believable character.

Story 8/10
If you’ve seen the original “Infinity Gauntlet” story, then you’re not really going to get anything original here. It’s basically copy and pasted from it. Some changes, though, were welcome and very good. I liked the inclusion of the Black Order and the idea that Thanos has his own followers. I just believe that they should have expanded on them more instead of relegating them to what amounts to mid-bosses in a video game that you must fight to reach the final boss. I also like the risks they take with the deaths, and the subplot involving the Blacksmith character and the forge.

There were some changes that make the story a bit more enjoyable than the original. First, the ridding of Death. Death’s inclusion in the original and Thanos’ pursuits to gain her love made him feel more like a desperate lover than a Mad Titan, and while you can make the argument that this humanizes him in a way, it sort of makes him lose the whole “menacing villain” look. Second, not including Adam Warlock and the entire Marvel space opera. It’s way too much to fit into one movie and would unnecessarily clutter the film. Third and finally, actual important characters dying. In the original, from what I can remember, only d-listers and non-important characters are killed. In this version, it is the polar opposite.

Music 6/10
There is really nothing here to write about. To me it just sounded like generic superhero music.

Final Score: 9/10