Impact of Remote Learning on Students

By: Uwanique Brown

The school year was supposed to be the year of changes, the year of improvement, and achievements but the year didn’t go as planned graduations, and exams have been canceled as a result of the deadly virus that is affecting the United States at the moment.  Schools have to be closed and students have to transform into the remote learning lifestyle. Remote learning had begun on March 23, 2020.

Due to the widespread of the virus throughout the United States and the world at large health administrators have found it to be essential that everyone stay indoors for their safety because the virus can be transmitted easily in crowded areas like school environments, so the best way to tackle the situation was to gravitate towards online classes. 

The internet connection has become a bit of a tussle since everything has to be done virtually these days especially while logging into classes or when you are in class. Trying to learn throughout a pandemic can be difficult for us as students especially since there are internet problems and the mental instability the stress of remote learning can cause. This can be more difficult than learning in a classroom setting.

Canceling the exams might have been a good thing especially after being considerate about our safety but some seniors might have a different view, after all, they would be missing out a lot during their last months in school not to mention graduation. Teachers and news personnel thought that canceling exams was a good approach, especially during a time like this when everyone will be concerned about their well-being. 

Exams for seniors are still in consideration since its almost time for them to graduate. It was brought to the publics’ attention that for exams seniors would be able to graduate and students at other grade levels will be able to receive college credits for regents classes but they should pass all these classes and it will be the replacement for the regents exams. Students and teachers at this moment should be in absolute relief not having to take exams and the fact that teachers could be teaching at the pace they wish to since there will be no exams especially because school will not resume for some time.

According to the website Chalk Room, “The COVID-19 outbreak is changing the daily reality for schools and students across the country.”  This outbreak could be a marvelous experience to some students while to others it could be the worse experience, some student might relax and stay comfortable while working from home and if possible try to spend some quality time with their families but above all, they don’t need to be stressing about exams they would have had to get done if they were in school. For the seniors, this could be the worst moments because although they don’t have exams, they will be missing out on their graduation and prom.