The Importance of Health, Nutrition & Training

By: Ronnie Dyal & Sean Phirangee

The solemn attachment human beings have to “exterior looks” is rather complacent. As time picks up and we enter the 21st Century, our habits of eating fried food and high-calorie items has diminished our ability to choose a healthy lifestyle. Humans are obligated to live not by eating healthy on a daily basis but by keeping track of what and how much is digested. Junk food is a variable to every human, and many of us have different body types and needs. It is plausible to say that consuming more than 3,500 calories a day is unhealthy or errant, but this can actually be positive if the individual has experience in the gym.

Bodybuilders consume good-fat foods and restrict their intake of sodium and carbs. While not every human intends to be a bodybuilder, we can be healthy and aware. While many people cannot help themselves to become “healthy”, in terms of weight or in terms of looking and feeling great, most can commit to consuming healthy, whole foods such as green beans, lettuce, and broccoli. The body reserves nutrition from these foods as energy for its everyday needs. Also, eating healthier along with doing physical activity can lead to fat loss (not weight loss) and a clear mind, along with brightened skin and other positive effects on the immune system, metabolism, etc. Think of eating healthy and training as a detoxifying agent for our bodies.

If we look at Hollywood actors like Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Brie Larson, we see that a healthy diet and physical training can lead to a fit, toned body, which looks aesthetic in the 21st Century. But having moderate training and eating healthy can lead to positive effects as well, so go ahead and try the lifestyle yourself!

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash.