Interview with Ms. Morales

By Nadheerah Khan

Question: What made you start the Multicultural Club?
Ms. Morales: “Children showing interest in culture and other things- for example, art.”

Question: How do you feel about it?
Ms. Morales: “I am excited about it.”

Question: What do you expect from it?
Ms. Morales: “For students to learn about their culture and for other children to learn about cultures they have.”

Question: How are the students in the club?
Ms. Morales: “They are engaged and full of ideas.”

Question: Do you think this club would encourage or innovate others ?
Answer: “Yes! Every day more and more kids are coming to this club. It is giving them a safe space for them to come to.”

The Multicultural Club is having a show on Friday, May 31st.