M.A.S.T.’s 2k18 Valedictorian

by Mecah Halley

As the year comes to an end for the class of 2018 and graduation approaches, it is now time for the student with the highest accumulated average to receive recognition for all their hard work. The Valedictorian will not only receive an award but will also deliver a speech to their fellow classmates. Attaining the title of Valedictorian is not easy, especially considering the level of competition. Still, trying your best and believing in yourself can get you there, as explained by this year’s Valedictorian, Ke-Yara Greene.

Ke-Yara is proud and excited to be named Valedictorian of her graduating class. She feels she has worked for it and is glad to be recognized for that outstanding work. After being named fifth grade Valedictorian, she has been pushed by her mother to work toward becoming Valedictorian of her high school. Ke-Yara as well has been driven by her past success to receive the title once again in high school. To reach this goal, Ke-Yara has focused on respecting her teachers and completing all of her schoolwork. Ke-Yara will be attending Manhattanville College in the fall and is planning to become a government scientist. In 10 years, she sees herself just having graduated college and starting her career in biophysics.

Ke-Yara sends a great message to all her fellow classmates who are hoping to become Valedictorian, especially considering that she has only been a student at M.A.S.T. for one year. “Forget about what other people say- do what you’ve got to do. If there is something you want, work for it and you will get it.”

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