M87: First Black Hole Seen

By: Samuel Alphonse

M87 is the first black hole that scientists caught a glimpse of. The Black Hole is 50 million light years away – which is insane! This huge beast resides in the head of a giant elliptical galaxy called Messier 87, hence the name M87. This monster swallows anything that strides too close to it, including stars, rocks, gas, and even WHOLE PLANETS. Imagine what would happen if the people on Earth got caught in that Black Hole. To be honest, no one knows because anything that goes inside of a black hole never comes out. M87 contains the mass of 6.5 billion suns -that’s heavy. M87 looks like something straight out of an Avengers movie. It has an orange/yellowish glowy aura that surrounds it, the black circular mass in the middle, and the terrifying pitch black surrounding it. What do you think would happen if a black hole were to suddenly make its way to earth?

Photo by Yong Chuan on Unsplash.