Media Bias

By: Ronnie Dyal

Media and technology are massively relevant within the United States and have stayed with us since the 1800’s. Technology can be used for positive or negative reasons, which lead to arguments and discussions intended to align our opinions one way or another. After that, the people who “win” are claimed for logical success. As life goes through us, we will continue to acknowledge what the media has to say about us because I believe that people are up for a “technological social challenge.”

It wasn’t until 1833 and 1871 that the first ever working computer was made by Charles Babbage, who was a British mathematician. Many people are starting to become familiar with this source and so technology is now a dilemma. As of June 2018, 55.1% of people or half of the world’s population use the internet. Those who promote media bias range from liberal to conservative, and of course neutral or the middle, a balance of both sides. Liberals, who represent equality, have such organizations as “Occupy Democrats” and “Palmer Report,” while conservatives have “FOX News Daily Wire” and “Red State.” Conservatives express belief and treasure in tradition.

Media bias has been involved in YouTube, political status, globalization, and just about every disagreement on the planet. This all stems from the root of democracy, in which one tries to express an opinion but is berated because that opinion does not agree with the ideas of others. Media bias has taken full control of the 2018 presidency, in which Trump was elected president. The media discusses his collaborating with the Russian government to win the election as well as his actions surrounding the celebrity Stormy Daniels. While I personally do not agree with how Trump operates within the United States, I understand that he won and as long as we are safe that is first priority.

Photo by Julius Drost on Unsplash.

But the media is bashing him and creating so much toxicity, and trying to invoke any evidence that could lead to his being impeached. They take it upon themselves to create a forum and start debating about these issues. Now celebrities like Milo Yiannopoulos, who is an LGBT figure, takes his stance against the orthodoxy of political change and status, and in general anything to do with politics. He and Ben Shapiro, an American commentator who also makes rational statements about political change, have things in common because of the media!

The media makes them more famous with each additional discussion about politics, feminism (which I support), the stock exchange, or statistics about stereotypical statements. The media uses this information and converts it into biased statements that can be used to spark up a bigger problem that someone has to solve because after all, discussion is common throughout the internet and our daily lives.