New School Year Expectations

By: Brendon Smith

Even though I will not be here for the next year, I am going to miss this school. So, to anyone who reads this, I guess I can say goodbye. But anyway, my expectations for next year are good. I feel like the new friends I made here are awesome and that they will all succeed. I hope one day that I get to meet my friends or come back to MAST High School to see everyone again. I wish I didn’t have to leave everyone behind, but it will be nice to see my old friends again.

What I expect next year is for the students and the teachers to get along better. For most of my life in school I have seen a love and hate relationship with teachers (kind of).What I want is for students and teachers to accomplish great things and for teachers to understand how we are and how our generation works. I hope the teachers can be fully aware of what we like and dislike, like how Mr. Moran was able to understand most of his students by experiencing the class for himself. Somehow, I wish every teacher could do that- sadly they cannot. If all the teachers were to take a day and go to our classes to see how we act then I think they would understand.

Another thing that I can expect is that the new freshman are greeted, since every year a new group of freshmen come to the school. We can greet them somehow and possibly befriend them. And I hope when I come back to MAST for any reason, it’s better than how it was before I left it.

-Ms. Sardes (Purple Prints editor and analyzer)

I hope MAST becomes greater than it was when I left.