No More Isolation

By: Mohammed Feras

There are many ways to recover from isolation and the feeling of being alone.  Nowadays people are locked-down because of the Covid-19 (Coronavirus disease2019) pandemic, which has changed the world from how it was.   Many people are locked-down and even many countries have announced a curfew due to the pandemic spread. But after a few interviews with some Highschool students from Mathematics, Science Research, and Technology High School, I received some idea’s on how to avoid isolation.  A student named Nihan, said that he mostly plays Fortnite to spend his days.  Another student named Prabhjot (from MASTHS said the same thing stating that he plays Fortnite to pass the time throughout the days.  This looks like a good way to get out of isolation.  Fortnite is a video game powered by Epic Games Company and it’s a fun and a popular online game played across the globe internationally.  Thw game will provide enough human interaction through online because Fortnite can hold up to 16 players in a lobby and play against 100 other online players. This will be one of the best ways to pass time. 

There are some other options says Nabidul, another student from MASTHS, that doesn’t require a computer or game console.  Nabidul mostly watches YouTube to spend his time.  YouTube is a video sharing platform powered by Google.  On youtube you can find thousands of entertainment videos to watch, as well as provides international news.   Mohammed, a student from Queens High School, said he watches Hulu and Netflix.  Both provide newly released movies and they are cheap; Netflix costs about 12$ a month and Hulu charges 6$ a month.  Hulu has the option to add more channels to it, but it will cost more.  Both of are fun channels to watch movies and avoid isolation and YouTube is free and allow you to watch anything. These are some of the popular ways that some high school students and adults spend their time.

There are some ways to hang out with your friends and family as well.  A student from MASTHS, Sadman, said he uses an app called Google Meet (  This app allows you to speak with your loved ones with no lag or fps (frames per seconds) issues. He stated that the app can be installed from any mobile/computer devices for free, and its capacity level its about 250 people in one meet.  And he is loving these days speaking with his family through an amazing app and thankfully its free.  Shafeer from Queens uses a similar app called Zoom ( and he said the app can be downloaded for free and its quality is perfect to have a wonderful conversation with your loved ones.  The capacity level is about 100 people at one time. Both apps can be downloaded on both IOS and Android devices, and they are amazing apps with no complicated steps to start communicating.  Feel free to check it out and now would be best time to start a chat with your family and friends! 

These ideas are the most popular ways to spend your time with others, to avoid feeling alone and isolated.  You can choose based on your situation either to play games, watch movies or entertaining videos online, and chat with friends and family.  They are all fun and exciting!!

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