Poor Quality of School Lunch

By: Dwayne Jones Jr.

On March 5, 2019, during period 6, I had lunch. That day they were serving beef and turkey burgers with sweet potato fries and applesauce, which then changed to Sun Chips. I got a beef burger with applesauce and chocolate milk. When I finished my main dish, I went for the applesauce but then I noticed something that I didn’t see before. My applesauce container had a crack in it. I then took a closer look at the crack and then I realized something else about the applesauce. It had mold all inside it. I was in such disgust and disbelief that I threw it away immediately. It’s upsetting to see that the school would serve children this type of stuff and not even check it before serving. I complained about this to my friends and my next step is to go to the dean about this to change the way they serve school lunch.

Photo by Fischer Twins on Unsplash.