Protesting and Looting: Similar or Different

By: Rajanbir Ghotra

Protests and looting are confused to be the same thing when they are the complete opposite.  The definition of ‘protest’ is “a statement or action expressing disapproval of an objection to something.”  In opposition, the definition of ‘looting’ is to steal goods from a place during a war or a riot.  There is absolutely no reason for anyone to be looting during a peaceful protest.  Looting does nothing but mess things up and creates new problems with worse consequences.  Looting only causes distractions from the real cause.  What is burning down buildings and looting stores going to do for the cause?  People are using George Floyd’s name and doing wrong things for their own benefit and it must stop.  

Most recently cases of looting and protesting took place after the tragic death of George Floyd, in which a police officer, Derek Chauvin, kneeled on Floyd’s neck for approximately 9 minutes.  Doing so, caused George Floyd to have difficulty breathing and his life was taken.  Protesting is the only thing everyone should do to fight for rights and to prove a point that we all stand together in solidarity and that nobody should be treated differently because of the color of their skin. We all bleed the same color of blood.  Elie Wiesel, a writer and activist, said “There may be time when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.”  Protesting is the only reasonable right thing to do; not looting.  Looting has done nothing but ruin people’s business.  Some of these businesses are on the same side as those who are fighting for the cause.  People are mad at the government and policies, not at people who are just like you.  Stop ruining businesses and let’s keep the fight going in the way we should. Let’s Protest!