Random Acts of Kindness

By: Keleen Jones

Being involved in Acts of Kindness and showing love I think is underrated in today’s society.  My reasoning is how some people treat others whether you’re an elderly person, homeless or in your young state.  We have a different mindset to others that we don’t consider ours or they are not like us because they are not living a certain lifestyle, or they can’t afford a majority of things that cost a certain amount of money.

However, I am here to say, those people we think less of will give their last to someone that doesn’t have a cent because they are humble enough to understand what another man is going through.  The moral of the story is being kind isn’t embarrassing; rather it is an act of showing how much you care for some else needs, being there for someone, showing them love and they will be grateful for it.   Who knows, maybe they don’t get it often and you might be that person to give them a change of heart.

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