Recycling in School


By: Alexandra & Cassandra Aghedo

Why do we recycle? We recycle to help clean the environment and decrease the school’s expenses. Not recycling could have a negative impact on our natural resources. The schools in New York City should teach students how to recycle because it sets a good example, makes life easier for janitors in the school, keeps your school tidier, and gives students more knowledge about recycling.

First, we need to be dedicated, and then we can recycle in school by doing these things:

– During lunch we could have volunteers stand near the garbage and monitor it for proper disposal of waste.
– We could try turning off the lights in school and start using sunlight on sunny days.
– When classrooms are not in use, turn off the lights.
– During breaks or holidays, teachers can turn off their smart boards to save energy.

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash.