Safe Summer Fun

By: Najah Wilder

Summer is approaching and school is finally coming to an end.  However, we must remember that Covid-19 still exists, even if reported cases in New York have decreased.  Allow me to fill you in on some activities and tips to enjoy your summer while staying safe!

  • Go to the Beach 

Everyone goes to the beach on a hot summer day.  Whether it’s for a picnic, a date, or just to hang out. Some beaches are still debating on opening, but most are open. (Tip #1: Make sure there is a good amount of space between you and the other beachgoers.  Most importantly relax, breathe, and enjoy your summer vacation.) 

  • Community Pools 

Depending on State and local restrictions, your local pool may open this summer.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “the virus may be inactive in the water.”  Pool water usually contains chemicals such as chlorine and bromine.  It is a little risky since everyone would touch the ladders, chairs, showers, and doors.  Make sure you follow the pool rules and take precautions. (Tip #2: Avoid changing your clothes and any physical contact with others.) 

  • Go to the Park 

Parks are re-opening!  Go outside, have a picnic, go bike riding, play some ball, or even go fishing with your family.  There are tons of things to do at the park and it’s good to be outdoors.  (Tip #3: Don’t forget your mask and keep distance from others in the park.) 

  • Road Trips

Summertime is a great time to travel, visit loved ones, and see different sights.  As of right now, I would not recommend air travel, road trips with family should be fine.  Road trips are a good way to visit different cities and learn new things.  (Tip#4: Make sure to follow the safety guidelines of whatever city you visit.) 

  • Family BBQ

 You can never go wrong with an old-school traditional BBQ with your family.  Have a cookout in your backyard, set up games to play, buy a pool, or play some water games.  At a barbeque everyone can enjoy themselves. (Tip #5: It is at your own risk to invite friends and neighbors.  I would recommend only inviting family members for now.  Don’t forget to wear a mask.) 

  • Skyline Drive-In NYC

Movie theaters are closed for now, but Skyline Drive is a cool place to check out.  Skyline Drive-In NYC is a unique drive-in cinema experience.  The location is 1 Oak Street, which is situated on the East River with killer views of the Manhattan Skyline.  Learn more about Skyline Drive-In here Skyline Drive-In NYC – Movies with A View.
Final tip: Relax and enjoy yourself this summer. This year has been rocky for everyone and we all deserve a break! Stay safe and healthy! 

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