Saturday School

By: Nahian Chowdhury & Nickota Phillips

Saturday school represents extra classes for Regents and SAT preparations. It takes four hours out of your weekend to build your skills in the areas you are the weakest. Some of the Saturday classes are: living environment, global studies, geometry, U.S. History, English, and others. If you are weak in any of the subjects and you are not sure if there is a Saturday class for it, ask your teacher. Coming to Saturday class helps to prepare you for your Regents, which you must pass to graduate. For the SAT classes, the teachers give the students extra skills and guides to study to earn a higher score and get accepted to better schools. So, Saturday school is really important as it helps the students improve their skills and technique, and provides the chance to get a better future. SO, DON’T MISS THESE OPPORTUNITIES!!! We hope this piqued your interest and changed the way you see Saturday school.

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