School in Fall 2020: Things We Can Control

By: Lenora Guillaume-Sam

This semester was by far one of the most difficult semesters we all encountered.  We may have survived many crises before, but this global pandemic definitely impacted each of us.  The world is currently reopening slowly, but what will happen when New York City reopens?  What will happen when September is here, and school reopens?  Will we all be one again?  Will we sit next to each other like we had before? Here are some tips on what we have learned this year so far and how we can prepare for the things we can control in the upcoming school year.  


To stay safe during these times, we must be conscious of ourselves; what we do that can affect our lives, as well as those around us.  Washing our hands, sanitizing our pens and notebooks, keeping our distance, covering our mouths, and staying neat.  These are basic everyday habits we all can practice to ensure we protect ourselves from viruses.  There is potential of a second wave, so these practices can help with prevention.


As difficult as it was to get up early, turn on our phones and laptops, check google classroom, and read and respond to emails from teachers, here we are at the end of the school year.  We can truly say “We did that!”  If we continue with remote learning in September, here are time management habits we should develop for the near future. 

  • Keep a Schedule: A schedule will keep us on track and help us manage our days better.  It will help us stay disciplined and prioritize work that needs to be done, to avoid feeling overwhelmed.  We have school time, after school activities, and maybe time for gym or basketball, so it is important to create a schedule. We must stay motivated and focused!
  • Stay Organized: Selecting specific days of the week to do certain tasks will help tremendously. You can pin-point on your schedule every day what assignments you have to do, and posts the list of assignments and their due dates.  Work will get done faster and you will have free time to take care of yourself and complete other tasks. 
  • Discover Activities: Besides school, it is important to find new activities to do.  How about binge watching a series?  Trying a new cooking recipe?  Do you want to learn how to draw a sunset? Do it all!  Get your minds off things that might be stressing you out and get some inner peace. 
  • Self-Care is crucial for all us, especially when we seem to constantly hear about bad news.  Take some time and go for a walk, go for a five-minute run outside, or even do a beauty face mask.  Try anything to keep you balanced and focused to help you stay calm. 

Remote Learning was not easy, but it was a great lesson we all learned during this process.  One of the biggest lessons is to always make the best of our time and find something positive to do.  In the Fall of 2020 if we are going back into building, we must make sure we maintain clean habits.  We must keep our distances and ensure safety for ourselves and those around us.  We fear a second wave and tt will not be easy going back to our old ways, but we will all get through it together.  Another helpful tip is to try your best to ANTICIPATE.  Get ahead of your work and tasks to avoid being overwhelmed.  As summer arrives it is important for each of us to practice these habits, be prepared, and visit for more informative safety tips for COVID 19.  Stay cautious as we reopen and let’s hope for an amazing new school year in September.