Social Distancing Summer Games

By: Mohammed Feras

Let’s get ready to safely catch up on fresh air this summer. Coronavirus cases are decreasing in New York, stores are reopening, and people are excited after many horrific months quarantining.  After many months people are planning to step outside this summer and Governor Cuomo announced the news of a few regions in New York are reopening. Although Coronavirus cases are decreases, the virus did not disappear completely.  People still have to take care of themselves and the community as well. There are some fun and exciting games to play outside safely. 

Soccer is a fun game to play outdoors.  Soccer requires 11 players on each team, competing to kick the ball in the goal net.  After many months indoors, soccer can improve your stamina because it involves running across a field from goal to goal.  Parks are an amazing place to play soccer and other games, or just a great place to meet friends.  Other games to play at the park are frisbee and tennis.  Tennis can be played distantly and it’s a fun game played in two’s or singles match, in which each team competes to hit the tennis ball.  Points are gained when the ball is missed by the opponents.  Tennis can improve players muscles.  Try these games and others that you may not have thought about playing.  They’re fun games to play safely and they’re beneficial one’s health after quarantine. 

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