Teacher of the Month: Ms. Mingos


by Olivia Cruz & Shania Gonsalves

Ms. Mingos is an ENL teacher at M.A.S.T. High School who helps students learn English as a new language. She likes teaching at M.A.S.T. because it’s a place where she not only teaches, but also learns from her students. Being an ENL teacher, Ms. Mingos likes learning from her students’ diverse languages and cultures. She is a very athletic person and knows three languages. She is fluent in Spanish, English, and Greek, and is learning Arabic. Ms. Mingos never thought she would be a teacher until she was put into a program and fell in love with the idea of teaching English to students. Ms. Mingos dedicates this news article to all her wonderful and special students. We all love Ms. Mingos at M.A.S.T.!

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