The Effect of the Pandemic on Businesses

The Effects of the Pandemic on Businesses

By Adia Williams

Businesses are declining due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which means business owners and employees are not making enough money to pay their bills. According to the Associated Press, a restaurant business owner said sales have plunged 70% since the beginning of February and he is unable to pay his rent.

Unfortunately, this virus is impacting people in different ways. It is causing families to have less resources to feed their loved ones and for causing others they are unable to pay rent or bills.  The fact that businesses are declining, means the economy will decline because businesses, big and small, are not making money. Due to a mandated state-at-home order, customers are not going out to buy things which is how a lot of businesses make money.

I understand this personally. My dad owns an electric company and he has not received lot of clients within the past weeks because people are worried about getting the virus. As a result, the pandemic has taken a toll on the family and everybody. It is a difficult time, but hopefully things will get better soon for businesses. We must remember to take precautions, make sure we wash our hands, wear a mask, and maintain social distance.