The Purple Prints Family

By: Ms. Middleton

The first half of 2020 will go down in history.  We self-isolated for safety from Covid-19, which as a result, we transitioned to remote learning.  Personally, we’ve lost loved-ones, witnessed our loved-ones fight on the frontlines, dealt with the added stress of remote learning, and tried to maintain our sanity during uncertain times.  However, despite these uncertainties, the Purple Prints journalists showed up and showed out!  They worked hard presenting relevant news, uplifting content, and their opinions on school-related and social issues.  These journalists took on the Participatory Budgeting Project, which provided an opportunity for students to vote and implement changes to the school environment.  They often tease me for smiling like a proud mother when I review their finished projects, but we established a family and I have many reasons to be proud.  Thank you, Journalists, for being resilient during difficult times and inspiring me during times when I struggled. Thank you for showing each other compassion, sharing your truths, and laughing with each other.  To the 2020 Purple Prints family, YOU ARE LOVED!!

(Not Pictured)

Daequan Danvers
Lenora Guillaume-Sam
Lugard Mohan
Angelina Singh
Shyeem Barrett
Rajanbir Ghotra
Najah Wilder
Steve Joseph
Patricia Molinini Lozada
Shakeem Taylor
Antione Williams
Jaheim Scott

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