How Young is Too Young for a Cellphone in School??

By: Shyeem Barrett

Children under double digits in my opinion don’t need a cellphone at school because it will become distracting for them.  Their parents should bring them to and from school, so a cell phone is not necessary. Some children under the age of 10 don’t need a cellphone in school because it can cause distraction from learning in school.  A cell phone can easily turn from a useful classroom learning tool into classroom disruption.  When students use their cellphones in school, they are tempted to check social media and text their friends in class.  Many times, this can lead to distractions for those students as well as for their peers.  Nowadays students in high school need their phones because anything can happen while they are on their way home.  For example, there are many crazy people out there such as kidnappers, pedophiles, and having a cell phone in high school is a good safety tool.  High school students should be able to contact someone if they are in trouble and even if they are unable to do that then, many parents have a GPS on their child’s phone, so they are able to know where they are at all times.  

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