“Total Drama Island” Review

By: Brianna McLeach

After many weeks of procrastinating, I’ve finally quit succumbing to my laziness. Therefore, I am finally going to proceed with the discussion of my current column, which in many aspects is NOT different to my previous one, considering it is indeed about childhood shows yet again. I mean we all love nostalgia- the liveliness of childhood is so temporary and in no time, you’ll be wondering, “Is this really how long it has been since I’ve seen this on TV?” And you’ll probably go on YouTube and blast theme songs back-to-back over your headphones.

Unlike me, I actually rewatch the show because not only can I uncover the once oblivious adult jokes, but I also feel my youth reeling in back to me. However, there is one show in particular that I’ve been wanting to discuss. And that is… *cues awkward drum solo* (although that was kinda corny) TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND. And yes, it is a show that 90’s kids don’t get to boast about because, well, it was broadcasted in our era. Anyways, “Total Drama Island” was one of the most iconic shows ever made. I mean, any adult could watch it and I bet you’d see them chuckle. From puking up bits of unsavory meals to competing in hectic challenges, this franchise never gets old… until you see the newest episodes, of course.

The concept of the show is pretty much a mockery of any survival show. The contestants are a bunch of teens destined to win a grand prize of one million dollars. In my opinion, the “Total Drama” is “Total Drama: World Tour”, since they’re basically traveling to different places around the world and becoming accustomed to the traditions of the people living in these places, all while fighting for profits, obviously. It’s a personal favorite of a friend of mine- however, they’d rather watch “6Teen” as it is sort of similar to TDI as well. Still, that is my rather short but lengthy review about a notable show and hopefully I submit this stuff on time in the future.

Photo by Nadim Merrikh on Unsplash.