Track and Field

By: Britney Guillaume

Attention students of MAST High School, Campus Magnet has a girls and boys track team (Monday-Friday at 4:00 pm on the track or in the cafeteria).

A day in the life of a track star (Britney’s version)

Almost every Saturday we have a meet (competition)- the earliest I would get up is 6:00 am to get to the Ave for 7:30, from where it takes us 1-2 hours to get to the stadium. When we get there, the first thing we do is put our things down and go warm up. We warm up for 30 minutes and stretch before waiting for our race to be called. Once your race is called you check in, wait for instructions, and compete in your race. If it is your last race you go and cool down for ten minutes, change, and get your things and go home as a team.

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