Voting Power

By: Shyeem Barrett

Over the years there have been debates about how voting can make a change in the American lives of people, political leaders and the President of the United States himself.  The point of voting is to choose leaders that represent you and everyone’s needs. Doing so, exercises the voter’s power, but we’ve experienced the highs and lows of voting. An example of a low is reduced voter participation in America, which includes structural barriers that keep Americans from having their voices heard as well as widespread disillusionment with the political process.  If there is a low voter turnout, there will be less chance of getting what you want.  Voting plays a major role in achieving certain opportunities and rights in this country.  

A high of voting is that it will make a change and allow the people to use their power to diversify government bodies and make them more reflective of the broader population.  For example, by electing LGBTQ candidates and people of color, those populations of people will feel represented in the country.  We saw this in 2017 with Virginia voters recognizing the important issues of immigration, health reform and civil rights at stake, voted at higher rates than in past gubernatorial elections; 47.6 percent in 2017, compared to 43 percent in 2013.  This demonstrates how voting can make a change in people’s lives if everyone votes.

In addition, if we go back to when President Obama was in power, he faced problems that other Presidents before him left.  However, the reason why he was elected is because the people believed he could make a change according to his actions before being elected as a President.  As you know he did make that change.  If the people did not vote for him, he wouldn’t be able to change the situation that was occurring in the country.

Voting is one of the major actions making changes in America.  Voting is one of the most legal and effective ways changes can be made.  Everyone does not vote because they believe voting doesn’t change anything, but others vote because they actually WANT things to change.