BY: Brendon Smith

The game Warframe is about Tenno, an alien race that are spies, ninjas, and assassins. They protect the galaxy, but a villain and others kill the Tenno. However, they leave some survivors who work for Lotus, who sets them free. The Tenno then go throughout the galaxy to fight the villains. In the game, one villain can capture one Tenno, which is you. Lotus is able to save you from being killed. If you kill the henchman, you are free but have to save others Tenno and help Lotus beat the void from being used as a weapon to destroy the galaxy. The creators of this game are Digital Extremes. I highly recommend this game who like to play cooperative third-person shooter video games. You can play it on the following platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, and Android. Go play this game!

Photo by Stream.com.

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