Welcome Mr. Moran!


BY: Rayshaun Cobourne

Rayshaun: “How has your time at MAST High School been so far?”

Mr. Moran: “It’s good, I enjoy it.”

RC: “Did you always want to be a history teacher?”

Mr. Moran: “No, I initially set out to be a physical education teacher.”

RC: “How did you decide to become a history teacher?”

Mr. Moran: “The school I used to coach at needed a history teacher, and I happened to have a history bachelor’s degree, so I studied it.”

RC: “Did you pursue another career other than a teacher?”

Mr. Moran: “Yes, I was a plumber for 2 ½ years.”

RC: “What are you most excited about?”

Mr. Moran: “I am excited about a MAST wrestling meet.”

Mr. Moran is a new teacher in the Social Studies Department. He teaches 9 th Grade US History and Broadcast Journalism. We look forward to a successful school year.

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