School Leadership Team

The Mathematics, Science Research and Technology School Leadership Team takes a balcony view of the school, assisting the principal in making decisions to govern the school. The SLT supports student learning and continuous improvement by ensuring that the school’s mission, vision, and core values are met. Through the monitoring of achievement, climate and data, the SLT assures that the learning environment is producing results consistent with the school’s stated goals.

Here is are some frequently asked questions regarding the SLT. Also, please find below the list of SLT members for the 2018-2019 school year:


Principal: Allika Thomspon Young

Assistant Principal: Johnny Recio

UFT Chapter Leader: Kevin Ota

Deidre Titus: PTA President

Title I Parent Representative: Cherylann Jordan Leader

Student Representative: Vilma Gonzalez

Student Representative: Jorman Canas

SLT Chairperson: Ines Tavarez

Parent: Nicketa Grant

Parent: Donnette Nelson

Parent: Patricia Denzine

Teacher: William Mazzoli

Teacher: Robert Thompson

Student: Samuel A. Alphonse

Student: Tariq Anderson

Student: Fiana Gasapa

Student: Akeem Griffits


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