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hola spanish class

Welcome Ms. Morales

BY: Cassandra Aghedo Ms. Morales is our new Spanish teacher. I had the opportunity to ask her a few questions. Cassandra: “How do you like MAST High School so far?” Ms. Morales: “I like it a lot.” CA: “How long have you been teaching?” Ms. Morales: “I have been teaching for 17 years.” CA: “What […]

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A Conversation with Ms. Malcolm

BY: Nickota Phillips Ms. Malcolm is a new teacher at MAST High School. She teaches English. She became a teacher because her grandmother encouraged her. If Ms. Malcolm had an opportunity to teach another subject, she would choose science. One improvement she would like to see is for her first period class to show up […]

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C-MAST Connection

BY: Ms. Sardes This year, MAST High School is collaborating with the Cambria Heights Library. The Cambria Heights Teen Space has many exciting programs throughout the year. Contact the Cambria Heights Library for more information. Unplugged: Careers behind the Entertainment Industry Friday, October 12 th , 2018 Teens are invited to attend a panel discussion […]

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Welcome Gonzalez-Shields!

By: Reshana Persaud Ms. Gonzalez-Shields is a new teacher at MAST High School. She teachers Geometry. Ms. Gonzalez-Shield became a teacher because she got the opportunity to, plus it was a good way to earn money and go to school at the same time. Ms. Gonzalez-Shield’s ultimate goal as a teacher is to impact the […]

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Opinion Piece – Schedules

BY: Daneil Reid One thing about MAST High School that has been frustrating this year is the amount of times some of the students’ schedules have changed. Ever since school started in the beginning of September, several students have had to have transcript reviews and subsequent changes. It’s been hectic for some students and teachers. […]

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Welcome Mr. Moran!

BY: Rayshaun Cobourne Rayshaun: “How has your time at MAST High School been so far?” Mr. Moran: “It’s good, I enjoy it.” RC: “Did you always want to be a history teacher?” Mr. Moran: “No, I initially set out to be a physical education teacher.”

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BY: Brendon Smith The game Warframe is about Tenno, an alien race that are spies, ninjas, and assassins. They protect the galaxy, but a villain and others kill the Tenno. However, they leave some survivors who work for Lotus, who sets them free. The Tenno then go throughout the galaxy to fight the villains. In […]

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Fall 2018 Campus Magnet Sports Tryouts

by Britney Guillaume Try out for the following sports: Basketball – October 2 – 5:30pm – Main Gym Girls Tennis – Monday Through Friday (Any Day) – 3:30pm – Tennis Court Gymnastics – Tuesday 9/18 – 3:30pm – Small Gym Cheerleading – Monday Through Friday – 3:30pm – Ms. Tonge Football – Monday Through Friday […]

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Welcome Freshman!

by Alexandra Aghedo Hey! How’s everyone doing? I am currently a sophomore here at MAST High School. After being in this school for a year, I’ve learned a thing or two. At MAST, there are various activities and clubs for you to join. As incoming freshmen, you’re all probably scared or excited. High school isn’t […]

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