9th Grade ELA- 2nd Period Assignments

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Opt-Out Form in Google Classroom

Opt-Out Form

Please show this form to your parents/guardians.

If your parents do not want you to watch the film please have them "X" the No in the form or send an email.


Creating Persuading Advertisements in Google Classroom

Creating Persuading Advertisements

Use the document below to read your assignment for Creating Persuading Advertisements.
You may also use the links below to create a poster advertisement or facebook video advertisement. Please share final ads to KWhitehall@masths.org and KKane@masths.org


Argument Assessment in Google Classroom

Argument Assessment

Please copy and paste your response here so you do not lose any work.


Central Idea Practice  in Google Classroom

Central Idea Practice

Choose ONE of the short passages below and identify the central idea/theme. Write a short paragraph that explains the central idea of the passage with evidence and reasoning.
Use TEAL to guide your writing.
Use the "Universal Theme" sheet to help you identify the central idea.