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Parent Coordinator

 Mr. JohnsonDear MAST Parents & Families:

My name is Tarrick Johnson, and I am excited to introduce myself as your Parent Coordinator. I wanted to share a little bit about myself in order to connect with you, as we work together to accomplish great things at MAST. 

I am originally from Brooklyn, however, I grew up in Queens. I am a proud graduate of a former school here at Campus. I initially began my career in the DOE (Department of Education) as a student member of the School Leadership Team during my junior year of high school. After this, I was offered a position as a Student Aide in my Senior Year. Following my graduation, I attended New York City College of Technology pursuing an Associate's and Bachelors's degree in Hospitality and Hotel Restaurant Management while working in the same high school from which I graduated. 

After several years working in my former school, I migrated to another school, and now I have transitioned to the MAST Family!

All in all, I am thrilled to be a part of the MAST family. I cannot wait to organize creative, technical, financial, and empowerment workshops for you. At MAST High School, we communicate with parents via Jupiter, Kinvo text messaging, Email, Instagram, Youtube, and our Website MASTHS.org.

I look forward to working with all stakeholders as we continue to build a legacy at MAST to ensure that we foster successful relationships with students and parents in every way possible. 


Tarrick Johnson

Parent Coordinator
718-978-1837 (Ext. 1012)