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Student Government at MAST High School

The Student Government at MAST High School is an extracurricular club to which students need to apply in order to be a member. The Student Government consists of 2 Co-Presidents, a Treasurer, a Secretary, and 2 representatives per grade. In total, the Student Government consists of 12 governing members.
The Student Government at MAST High School helps students share their ideas, interests, and concerns with teachers and administration. The Student Government is representative of the student body in addressing the needs of all students and allowing their voices to be heard. The Student Government is also involved in raising awareness of different events and school-wide activities, generating funds, and participating in community projects. The goal of Student Government is to be a positive representation of the student body here at MAST High School. Student Government allows students as MAST to have a voice, make changes, and plan activities for students and staff.
New members are always welcome!
  • Co-President (2 officers): Be committed and dedicated to ALL aspects of the Student Government. Write agendas, conduct meetings, delegate responsibilities = run the show! The Student Government’s success is your success! – Seniors and Juniors only
  • Treasurer (1 officer): Keeps track of expenditures and income on a spreadsheet. Lead person in fundraising.
  • Secretary (1 officer): Keeps minutes of formal and informal meetings. Types proposals or letters relevant to Student Government. Lead correspondent with student body (writing announcements, creating flyers, etc.)
  • Class Representatives (2 representatives per grade – 8 in total): Attends meetings and reports back to grade. Keeps the other members of the grade involved.
  1. Must be a student in good academic standing
  2. Teacher recommendations
  3. Committed to bi-weekly meetings
  4. Completed application
  5. Must interview to run for Co-President, Treasurer, and Secretary.