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Social & Emotional Wellness

Social Emotional Learning at MAST!!!

Here at MAST we are dedicated to teaching the whole scholar and that is why we focus on the social and emotional well-being of our scholars and our staff in addition to academics. 
Social-Emotional Experiences at MAST:
  • Advisory:
    • Staff Advisors meet with our scholars once per week for advisory. Scholars are able to choose their advisory teachers and advisory classes are small and intimate. The typical ratio is 15:1.
    • On Fridays, advisors meet with our advisees, play energizer games in the beginning and then focus on themes of becoming highly effective teens, positivity, friendship, family, persevering, and our core values as well as striving for academic excellence. ​
  • Every cohort at MAST High School participates in the Teen Momentum Leadership Program with their fellow classmates. 
  • Teen  Momentum provides workshops and ongoing programs designed for 13-17 olds to enhance communication and empower new discoveries and conversations of choice, responsibility, trust, cooperation, contribution, integrity, and team.
Peer Group Connection (PGC); 
  • PGC is an awesome program in which our new MAST scholars have the opportunity to participate. Seniors mentor 9th graders to support and ease scholars’ successful transition from middle to high school. 
  • The program taps into the power of high school juniors and seniors to create a nurturing environment for incoming freshmen. 

Additional Social/Emotional Supports & Activities

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