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3/15: Zoom Link in Google Classroom

3/15: Zoom Link

Good morning young scholars,

Please meet me at the following zoom link on 3/15/21

Thank you,

Ms. Ezenwa


Egg Zipline Project Initial Ideas (Design/Materials)  in Google Classroom

Egg Zipline Project Initial Ideas (Design/Materials)

Please jot down all your ideas (in terms of design and materials) for an EGG ZIPLINE PROJECT. You may use visuals.


Marshmallow Catapult Project Writeup in Google Classroom

Marshmallow Catapult Project Writeup

Please make sure you complete this written activity while you are building your marshmallow catapults. Some slides may have to be completed before you even start building; others during; remaining slides after the project is completed.
Slide 1: Title Slide
Slide 2: Objective of the project
Slide 3: Materials
Slides 4,5,6: 3 possible designs
Slide 7: Prototype design (design you chose to go with) and why
Slide 8: General steps taken to build the catapult (Procedures)
Slide 9: Photo of completed prototype (first design)
*** Please insert a video of the actual building process. ***
Slide 10: Launch Data (Do at least 2 launches. Write the distance traveled.
Example: Launch # 1: 10 ft.
Launch # 2: 15 ft.
Launch #3: 5 ft, 6 inches
*** We're using the English system of measurement.***
Slide 11: Redesign (You do NOT have to write the steps. Just write changes you did.) Also include a photo of the completed, redesigned catapult.
Slide 12: Conclusion & Reflection (What made the winning design work? How did the winning design compare to yours? ***If you made the winning design, how did your design compare to everyone else's? Knowing what you already know now, what revision will you do to improve your design?


9/29 - Introduction to ED Day 5:  Identity Draggable Activity
 in Google Classroom

9/29 - Introduction to ED Day 5: Identity Draggable Activity

Happy Tuesday young scholars! Please join our zoom link during our live session.

Revisit MAST Virtual Norms
Asynchronous Activity
Synchronous Share Outs
Exit Assessment


9/24 - Introduction to ED Day 4: GIF Activity in Google Classroom

9/24 - Introduction to ED Day 4: GIF Activity

Please join us on zoom for today's live session.

- Energizer
- Asynchronous: Gif Activity
- Synchronous: Reflections


9/22 - Introduction to Engineering and Design Day 2: Identity Flip grid  in Google Classroom

9/22 - Introduction to Engineering and Design Day 2: Identity Flip grid

Today, we will be using to talk about what identity means to you.

Steps for today:
1. Ms. Ezenwa and Ms. Aquino will present flip grid.
2. Your turn to create your own flipgrid. Use the following link:
3. You will have 5 minutes to create a video. The max time on the video set at 1 minute and 30 seconds.
4. We will ask participants to share their video if they would like.
5. Notice and wonderings - Please fill out the google form about your notice and wonderings for this presentation.